Thursday, April 30, 2009

Japanese Flower Arranging Class: Ikebana

Event Details:
Japanese Flower Arranging Workshop - at Castle Rock AIKIDO (click here for directions)
Saturday, June 6th 2009
11am - 1pm

Cost $35, includes flowers and you may take the arrangement with you.

Pre-Register by Clicking Here. * Mother's Day Gift Idea - If this seems like fun, tell your family that this could be a great Mother's Day gift idea.
Castle Rock AIKIDO is honored and excited to host accomplished Ikebana instructors, Seiko Yoshikawa and Kyoko Kita for this hands-on beginner's Japanese flower arranging workshop. Mrs. Seiko Yoshikawa teaches in Colorado Springs and senior Ikebana instructor (called a "sensei" pronounced "sen-say"), Mrs. Kita, is well known throughout the Japan and United States Ikebana community.
This workshop comes at just the right time of year and is a great opportunity to learn a new, artful way of displaying your flowers all summer long.

Space is limited! Click Here to Pre-register today or call Castle Rock AIKIDO at 720-221-3665.

What is Ikebana?
Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. It is a three dimensional art form and the philosophy expressing the interrelationship between the self and the outer world.

Sogestsu Ikebana Class

There are many different styles of Japanese flower arranging. Sogetsu is a modern (since the 1920s) and innovative school of Ikebana that encourages imagination, individual creativity, and the idea that anyone can create ikebana anywhere, any time, with anything. Line, open space, focal point and asymmetry are key elements of Sogetsu design. After mastering many basic forms to learn technique and the design principles, Sogetsu Ikebana students progress to free style designs where the only limits are those of imagination.

Castle Rock AIKIDO, a Japanese martial art exclusively for adults, is committed to offering quality Japanese cultural events to the Denver metro area. In the past they've hosted a chef from Nagasaki, Japan who cooked a delicious tempura dinner at the school, Zen meditation seminars with an Renzai Zen Master, and a lecture on Japanese sake alcohol. To find out more about their award winning program, please visit

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This looks like is was a fantastic class. Taking any of the flower arrangement courses is always a good time. Designing with flowers provides so much enjoyment.