Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Castle Rock AIKIDO takes over the Pepsi Center

Students of Castle Rock AIKIDO celebrated the Holidays together on December 20th by attending the opener, pre-season game of the Colorado Mammoths; the indoor professional LaCrosse league at the Pepsi Center. Unfortunately the Mammoths lost in sudden death overtime 11 to 12 against the San Jose Stealth, but it was an action-packed, exciting game nonetheless.

Sean and Ramon almost got pelted in the head with a wildly ricocheted LaCrosse ball, but thanks to their amazingly ingrained Aikido training, their reflexes kicked into gear and they both successfully avoided any injury! The unfortunate young lady sitting behind them was not so lucky as she was tagged right on her shin! Ouch! How chivalrous of Sean and Ramon to dive for cover, don't you think?

Castle Rock AIKIDO holds lots of fun, social events together. Some students bring their spouse, others bring their kids, when appropriate. Either way, it's a great way to deepen friendships off the Aikido mat. Please join us! visit www.CRaikido.com for details.

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