Friday, January 2, 2009

Aikido Students Learn about Sake during Japanese Cultural Event

On Sunday, December 7th the instructors, staff, and students of Castle Rock AIKIDO, as well as some friends from a few other Colorado Aikido schools gathered at a student's home in Castle Rock for a Japanese 'sake' tasting event.

The event was hosted by sake specialist, Eric Dutton. In addition to being certified through the Sake Education Council, Eric is also a Level Two, Certified Sommelier (pronounced 'som'-maul-'yeah'), or wine steward, through the Court of Master Sommeliers (a French wine designation).

Eric is currently the bar manager for the restaurant, Sushi Den in Denver. Sushi Den, by the way is one of the top three sushi restaurants in the United States! Visit Sushi Den's web site by clicking HERE.

Eric guided us through the history of sake, how it is made, what makes one sake better than another, and how best to serve and taste sake. There was a lot challenging Japanese terminology to remember, but it was all quite fun.

For those of you who don't know, sake (pronounced 'sah'-'kay') is a popular, traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice. The rice used to make sake is called 'sakamai' and is typically higher in starch and lower in fats and proteins than rice grains used for food preparation. The most common type of sake is called 'futsu-shu' and would be considered a common table wine by comparison. But what Eric brought with him to our sake event was definitely the furthest thing from common table wine!

Eric brought four bottles (180ml each) of 'sake' each from a different region of Japan. Each sake was distinct in its flavor, aroma, and presentation. Unlike beer, sake is 16% alcohol, so it really packs a punch! It didn't take much to get everyone a bit tipsy.

Eric's presentation was first rate! He is available for your social event or gathering. We highly recommend him. You can contact Eric at: for more information.

Thanks, Eric!

At Castle Rock AIKIDO we strive to create not only an authentic martial arts experience but also provide Japanese cultural events. To find out what other activities we've hosted and future events, visit

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