Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally Our Own Aikido Dojo!

Come See Our New 2,500 SF Building!
- With 80 tatami mats, there is plenty of room to roll around.

Some students have noticed an air of secrecy around the dojo for the past few months. That is because we have been working on getting what we have really needed for quite some time now...
Our own facility!!!

We are in great debt to the generosity and cooperation of Omega Gymnastics for allowing us the opportunity to hold classes for the past fifteen months at their facility.

A lot of thanks also goes to Aikido Student, Tim Keating, who is responsible for brokering the deal to purchase our new building on Caprice Court.

Click Here to view pictures of our own new Aikido home now located at:
185 Caprice Court - Unit # 5 Castle Rock, Colorado 80109

We have also been informed that this summer's Aikido testing seminar will be held at our new dojo in Castle Rock. It is a great privilege and we are very much looking forward to hosting this summer's Aikido testing!

"Our new building is great! I'd like to compliment Sean Hannon and all those who have made the new dojo a great place to train in. It's fantastic to be able to feel the great energy which is being infused into the new dojo. I'm looking forward to training at Castle Rock AIKIDO for many years and watching the school progress into a truly special place to further explore the depths of Aikido." - Student Tim Keating

Photos of Castle Rock AIKIDO Dojo

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"I would encourage others to try Aikido in order to find that place within one's self that is calm, quiet, and yet strong and confident, all of which can be used in all situations in life. Aikido is training in life itself." - Student Tim Keating

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