Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tell Us About Your Students at Castle Rock Aikido

Audio Interview between Sean, a student at Castle Rock Aikido and one of their many Aikido instructors.

Sean: Let's get to know about your Aikido school. Who are your students? Do they all come from Castle Rock?

Sensei: We get all types of students, they come from all over the place, outside of Castle Rock – as far north as Westminster and we have two students from Colorado Springs as well.

We get all kinds of different students, working professionals, parents; we've got a couple of college students, so we have a wide variety. We tend to get students in the 30-40 range, people who are searching and looking for different things as far as self development and personal development goes.

Sean: And don't you guys have students older than that also?

Sensei: Oh yes, we've had students as old as, I think 77 in Castle Rock.

Sean: Wow. I bet a lot of people do not think of practicing martial arts in their 60's and 70's, do they?

Sensei: They probably don't but there are many students and instructors who are well into their 80's and even their 90's who have thrown me around quite well. It is definitely a martial art you can do for a lifetime.

Sean: Well that is pretty amazing. It sounds like people are willing to travel if necessary – quite a distance to come train with you guys. I think that is probably pretty unusual considering there is, in most towns, at least one martial arts school on every street corner; so the idea that people would travel, it sounds like well over an hour in some cases to come train with you guys is quiet a credit to your program.

Sensei: Well, thank you. I think people just like the whole atmosphere – it is pretty energetic and upbeat and we have a good time, so I think they are willing to drive a little bit to be a part of that.

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