Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Watch the Show "Human Weapon"

Last weekend I caught a great new show called "Human Weapon." It airs on the History Channel. The series thoroughly explores a unique martial art style on each episode. The co-hosts, Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travel to the country of origin of that week's featured martial art and they experience an intense crash course in that art.

I've only caught one episode so far, but I'm really impressed. Last weekend I watched an episode, which
featured Judo. The hosts visited several highly respected and well-known judo schools in Japan including one in the high, rugged mountains of Japan where some exceptionally rigorous training occurs. A lot of time was spent exploring the origins of the art of judo, which paradoxically means "gentle way." Today's sport judo is apparently the evolution of historic Samurai hand-to-hand combat. Of course, much of Aikido also originated from samurai techniques.

I'm not aware of any judo schools in Castle Rock, Colorado so if you're looking for a martial art that has traditions and origins rooted in feudal Japan, you may find that Castle Rock Aikido suits you. In Aikido class we practice hand-to-hand combat moves that historically were only performed with a traditional samurai sword. I really hope a future episode of Human Weapon will feature the art of Aikido. I think people would find an Aikido feature fascinating and radically different from so many of the other martial arts on the show. If they do run a feature on Aikido, I'd definitely purchase that episode off of the History Channels web site. I highly recommend that Castle Rock Aikido students watch Human Weapon, which airs on Friday evenings at 7pm on the History Channel (channel 41 if you're on Denver Metro's Comcast cable network). It'll give you a great perspective on the various type of martial arts around the world.

Do you want to find a martial art with traditional samurai training?
Castle Rock Aikido is a Denver metro martial art school. Located just 20 minutes south of Denver Metro and 30 minutes north of Colorado Springs,
Castle Rock Aikido attracts martial art students from surrounding areas including Denver, Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Colorado Springs, Larkspur, and Franktown. The convenience and our quality aikido instruction make the trip worthwhile. Come try a class for free and see why we were voted "Best in Castle Rock for martial arts, 2007" by Castle Rock Magazine. Call 720-221-3665 to get your coupon for a free class. See map to Castle Rock Aikido. Visit http://www.craikido.com/ to see samurai sword videos.

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