Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NEW Blog feature on Castle Rock Aikido!!!

Hi everyone!

This blog will serve at an interactive venue for Castle Rock AIKIDO & IAIDO students, prospective students, visitors and guest. It will also serve as a means for the instructors to share philosophical perspectives about Aikido and martial arts and/or to answer questions posed by visitors to this blog. You are more than welcome to post your own comments, questions, essays, and opinions. Enjoy!

Dojo Cho


Elizabeth said...

Awesome class tonight! I can't believe we had 14 people on the mat and that wasn't even all the people who are registered at the dojo!!! :D

I have to credit the hard work of Sean H. and Albright Sensei and Shiraki Sensei. You guys have done a ton to get the momentum up and movin' !

Also a huge credit to all of the students! Every class is fun and folks are smilin' BIG. It seems that we always have people coming in to watch and they're interested in joining and everyone on the mat makes it look like the best fun EVER despite(or because of) all the sweating... I think that I'm still sweating now!

I guess what I'm trying to say is "Thanks everyone for making it great."

Unknown said...

That was a fun class! It was nice to have 14 students, Shiraki Sensei and myself on the mat. (16 total & four more prospects watching!!) Awesome Energy!!

Thanks to all those interested in Castle Rock who have become students. We seem to be attracting a great bunch of people, and that is definitely due to the core group who helped start this dojo in April.

As to the sweating, I'm so glad that we are able to provide authentic training. We are quite fortunate to have Omega Gymnastics, soon to be Omega Sports Complex hosting our dojo. The building is like many dojo in which I was able to train, in Japan.

I look forward to growing this dojo and providing the type of training that everyone is looking for.

Thanks Everybody, Keep up the great training!!!!

Unknown said...

I just wanted to post a comment in support of this wonderful place that I have yet to visit. I have known Albright Sensei and Shiraki Sensei for the better part of a decade and two finer people I could not hope to know.

Albright Sensei has been my teacher for the entire time I have been in Aikido and has helped me grow the art and find the peace of it.

I am really looking forward to training out in the space you all have made your own. I am really looking forward to the energy.


Jeff Albright said...

Great Class everyone. It seems things are clicking for a lot of you.

You are all pushing yourselves and it shows. I look forward to having you all fine tune the techniques required on your next test, get used to the ukemi and building endurance.

I was reminded of Izawa Sensei's blog tonight. Here's a link. It is in Japanese, but you may recognize a few people in the pictures.