Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nagasaki Chef Visits Castle Rock AIKIDO & Treats Dojo to Authentic Japanese Dinner!

We received an incredible gift from Japan earlier this month. Haruki Matsuzaki (a.k.a. Chef Yumeno) owns a restaurant in Nagasaki, Japan. On his first visit to the United States, he contacted Sensei and requested that he come to Colorado and cook us a special tempura dinner for us. How could we refuse!

Matsuzaki-san is researching the viability of opening an authentic Japanese restaurant here in the US; possibly in Colorado. Matsuzaki-san and Sensei all learned Aikido from Iio Shihan in Nagasaki, Japan. They trained briefly together in the 1990s. Like Sensei, Matsuzaki-san is a san-dan or 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. He understands more English than he speaks. Sensei found himself doing a lot of translating, but seemed to enjoy it very much.

Matsuzaki-san worked out with us at our new dojo before we were treated to his divine culinary skills. However, Matsuzaki-san was a bit surprised at how much Colorado's elevation affected him on the Aikido mat.

We look forward to another visit from Chef Yumeno!
'Arigatou gozaimashita, Matsuzaki-san! Hagimemashite!'
(Thank you very much, Matsuzaki-san. It was great seeing you!)

Read more about Matsuzaki-san's visit HERE.

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